Meet Jeoffrey Jouannet, Head of the Customer Experience Service at Cheerzwho has been optimising Cheerz's customer experience with Diduenjoy and Zendesk since 2016. 


Zendesk has been excellent for the customer support part and Diduenjoy was the partner we needed for the customer experience part. When you combine these two tools you have a lot of power in your hands -  a lot of data.  


What is Cheerz and what is your mission?

For those of you who do not know, Cheerz is a photo printing company that is trying to help people save their memories by delivering great photo products, such as photo groups, canvas prints, wall décor, photoprints and more.


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Part of my job here is to take care of our customers. To improve the customer experience and customer support, we work with Zendesk, which lets us to collect our customer emails. We wanted to delve deeper into this topic and are looking to capture post-order feedback from our clients to give you an even better experience and to try to understand how we might be able to improve products, design tools and so on. This is why we have been collaborating with Diduenjoy since 2016. It’s been a few years now and it has been great for us to capture how people feel about the product and the experience after their purchase


How should companies use Zendesk and Diduenjoy?

You can plug Diduenjoy directly into Zendesk; what’s great about this feature is that you can import all your promoters’ or detractors’ comments directly into your customer support team’s interface. You can use tags and different views in Zendesk to assign different priorities or different treatments based on whether the owners of the comments are promoters or detractors. Here, for example, we have a team dedicated to detractors. Based on the comments they leave on Diduenjoy, we know who the detractors are and why they are detractors. What we are trying to do is simply reach out to them in less than 24 hours. We say, “Ok we saw your comment and apparently something went wrong. We’re really sorry about that. How can we make it better? Maybe you should try this or that…”. Then we do what we can to fix the situation and recover their business.


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We do the exact same thing with promoters as well because, as I said earlier, there is nothing better for business than to be able to target these people. Because they are so happy, they are probably still motivated to create even more after leaving such a great comment about the company. So we contact those promoters and say, “We’re so glad you like the service” and offer them a promo code to try a new collection. Or we invite them to “share the love on Facebook”. Thus, you can speak with both happy and unhappy customers and you can work a bit of magic to win bring back into your business.


What about datas?

We can analyze the data based on the products they ordered and where they come from. This is useful because some issues might not be the same for France and Spain for example. Over the years we have collected tons of data, including what we call the NPS, or Net Promoter Score, which allows us to test the waters pretty much every day (or every week or every month) if we want to explore how people feel about us, the brand, the product and the quality of the service we offer.


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Another great advantage is that you will be able to share all this data with your teams. We like to give it to our product team: every month we “take the temperature” to tell them how people feel about the product we are delivering to customers. Last year, for example, we could sense that one of our products was not earning the highest satisfaction score, but we could not really understand why. So we dug into the data and the Diduenjoy dashboard and we were able to identify which product was the culprit and by reading the comments, we understood why it was not netting total satisfactionA few weeks later, we decided to improve the product based on the comments we read on Diduenjoy and to track how people would react to those improvements. After a bit of time, we observed that customers who had been passive vis-à-vis the product had become promoters. This information can be passed on to other teams for joint improvement projects. As a business, we needed data and we needed various tools to deliver a great customer experience.


One last word?

Zendesk has been excellent for the customer support part and Diduenjoy was the partner we needed for the customer experience part. When you combine these two tools, you have a lot of power in your hands – a lot of data. I think that if you want to be customer centric, then you have to be data centric. If you use the tools together, you have a powerful playground where you can use your imagination and innovation to create a great customer experience. I highly recommend you work with these tools. Zendesk and Diduenjoy together are great.


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